Introduction to the Unfamous Eden H

     Hello, all.

     Right now I am sitting with my sister, watching an old documentary on transorbital lobotomy. This is a good metaphor for the kinds of things you will, in the future, see on this blog. My writings will not always be sane, they will not always be coherent, important, brilliant or politically correct, but they will always be unusual, and that, I think, is of particular importance.

     In a world where so much of media is a copy of an imitation (to copy the great Marilyn Manson), uniqueness is particularly special. It is important, for anyone who wants to call themselves an artist, to push the envelope, to do something different and not always popular. I see it as my duty, therefore, to present to you and everyone else, something different. Something which may change your outlook on the world in some obscure way. Anything, as long as it is different.

     That is all for now, but the horror will progress very soon.