“Well Who’s to Say…?”

Today I saw a shirt that said, “I’m not lazy, I just really like doing nothing.” We see that and laugh; it’s cute, it’s funny, we’ve got more important stuff to do. And honestly something that stupid shouldn’t be given merit. Except for the fact that it is being given merit because it’s on a goddamn t-shirt.

“Well, if you think about it, we’re ALL narcissists for making choices to keep ourselves alive…” That’s another thing I read today. Oh please, really? Where were you educated? I’m tired of this absurd “logic” or lack-thereof that states “Well who’s to say a wheel is round/a rock is hard/chickens are chickens/garbage is smelly/pink is pink? Maybe a wheel can be flat/a rock can be fluffy/chickens can be moose/garbage is potpourri/pink can be green?” One thing does not equal another just because you want it to. For the love of fuck, please, if people keep talking like this it’s gonna drive me out of my damn mind. Everyone’s reality is not defined by your terms. You are going to perceive things differently from someone else. That’s how it’s gonna be. Don’t try to convince them that your perception is true by saying “nothing is anything and everything can be everything.” I’ve had so many people trying to use this method to avoid serious discussion/justify their own ignorance/justify their own inability to do something/justify their rudeness/or generally cop out of life. Look, if you suck at something, please have the guts to admit it, don’t say “I’m just being alternative” because there REALLY are alternative artists and you’re giving them a bad name by pretending to be one JUST BECAUSE you can’t do what you’re actually trying to do properly. “Who’s to say getting up onstage and vomiting on the microphone isn’t art? Maybe it’s alternative music/comedy/performance art?” By NO DEFINITION is vomiting any of those things.

While I’m at it, stating an opinion and proceeding to clarify it when someone does not understand is not “getting upset,” as you so put it. And you are also not superior to me because you “don’t like to get upset about things.” I don’t like to get upset about shit either, except there are frustrating people (like you for one) in the world.